Veneto Marketing S.r.l. is a regional marketing company that specializes in incoming tourism for the Veneto Region  and operates through its own Tour Operator known as “Old Bridge”. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a solid experience in the promotion and sale of the territory, who believe in its development and in its potential to attract both investments and visitors. Veneto Marketing can propose everything from specific, exclusive offers for holidays, to business trips, to memorable dinners, to a variety of fabulous events in beautiful locations.

Our catalogue is presented in four parts:

TOURIST PACKAGES (proposals for the entire Veneto region, from 2 to 5 days);
SPECIAL EVENTS(proposals for tourist packages and excursions highlighting special events, exhibits and Veneto functions);
DAILY PROPOSALS (proposals highlighting sport, tasting, and wellness);
PARTNERS for ACCOMODATION (some of the guest accommodations presented in the packages).

Aside from the suggestions found in this catalogue, we can create customized packages to satisfy your specific needs, for example:
• Famous art cities
• Food and wine festivals, wine routes and local products
• Excursions and trails for sport lovers, for both novices and experts
• Itineraries linked to the First World War (1915-1918) (from Monte Grappa to Montello and from Valdobbiadene to Cansiglio).

Our company, particularly linked to the speciality foods of our region, offers lunches and dinners in traditional restaurants, always based on local Veneto products, tied into the “km 0” concept.

Most of our highlights focus on the ENOGASTRONOMIC FESTIVALS that take place within our region, for the purpose of promoting the high quality and enhancement of our regional products. From the extensive list, here are a few highlights:
Asparagi and Vespaiolo (March/June), CocoRadicchio (Fall/Winter), CocoFungo (Fall/Winter), Fish and painting during Lent (Period of Lent), Trout from Valbrenta (All year round), Mushrooms Nature Delights (Fall/Winter), Merlin Cocai (September/February), “Baccalà alla Vicentina” (All year round),…

Last but not least, we must mention the exhibition markets featuring products typical to the region, among which we would like to mention the Cherries of Marostica IGP, Chestnuts IGP of Monfenera and Combai, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its various places of origin.For the occasion of these exhibits, Veneto Marketing  will offer you (upon request) lunches and dinners at participating restaurants, giving you specific guidance in reference to calendars and exhibition programs.